THE TEAMLife at Sanjivani
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Just like most of the other colleges, it also follows the rule of 75% attendance. Failed to do so results in this grade which means that you have to repeat the course. Grading policy used here is relative grading, which means that a particular % of class. It seems that relative grading would be easy and would help in getting good grades. This is the place where many students think that if they would have chose some other Institute; they wouldn’t have felt this much academic pressure and could get a nice percentage or grades with lower efforts. Sanjivani always have concerns about the Academic and improvements in results every year so the students will get good grades and will achieve goals with a great success.
Sanjivani provides an excellent opportunity to excel in sports. It has got excellent sports facilities for cricket, football, athletics, squash, table tennis, lawn tennis, basketball, volleyball, badminton etc. In the beginning of first year some students are selected for each sport and they are trained well in that sport. Leaving it, beginner camps are organized time to time for enthusiastic students who want to learn the fundamental skills required for the game. Sanjivani Campus have a basketball court, badminton court, table tennis, football ground, gym facilities etc. Due to these facilities, students are highly enthusiastic about sports here.
Sanjivani is no way behind in cultural. Be it music, dance, photography, fashion, dramatics, movie-making, design, speaking arts etc., Sanjivani has got clubs for each of these which are managed by students. Students here take part in many national competitions. Clubs like Saaz, Stepper, Sanjivani-Cinemas, NSS, and students department association allows provides platform students to show hidden talents and provide exposure to their talents.
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There are so many activities carried out to update technical knowledge of the students like Capsule Courses, workshops, and Language and Software Course like SAP, CAD-CAM, Linux Certification. Through this the students overall development gets achieved and students will be able to cope with the challenging and ever changing scenario of companies. Students who love to do technical stuff join these courses, workshops.
Sanjivani organizes and supports various cultural and technical events, so the students will get platforms to expose their hidden talents. These events are organized and conducted by students so they will come to know importance of team-work and also how to manage events and achieve the goals.
Sanjivani provides such an excellent facilities, students should only love it, why do they hate?
Many students in their first year don’t focus much on their academics due to which they fail, or get bad grades. Many students get involved in watching tv series, movies or gaming. Due to this they waste their lot of precious time. Afterwards, when they realize this and try to study they feel problems because their pre requisites are not clear. Due to this, they have to spend much more time to understand. Therefore they are left with lesser time for rest of the activities and slowly life becomes hectic. People take much more workload which they could handle well, and as a result they are unable to do perform well which frustrates students here.

Students realize these things, but after one or two years. So, according to me one should keep academics there first priority, and one should take that POR in which he is interested or he has a good option of skill development there. TV series should be avoided as much as possible. You can play games once or twice, but addiction is not a good thing.

At last, however the life be in initial years, life at Sanjivani is filled with infinite fun with lots of memories.