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Sanjivani Academy, Kopargaon

Sanjivani Academy,Kopargaon


Sanjivani Academy, Kopargaon is an educational institution that was established in the year 2012 under the auspices of Sanjivani Rural Education Society. The academy has experienced growth and success thanks to the blessings and vision of Late Shri. Shankarrao Genuji Kolhe, who was a former Minister of Maharashtra.


Under the passionate leadership of Hon. Shri Nitin Shankarraoji Kolhe as the chairman, Hon. Shri. Amit Dada Nitinraoji Kolhe as the Managing Trustee, and Hon. Smt. Manali Kolhe as the Director, the school has flourished and maintained its commitment to academic achievement and excellence.


Sanjivani Academy caters to the educational needs of Kopargaon, Ahmednagar District, which is considered a city of the 21st century. The academy offers classes from Nursery to Grade X and has made significant progress in providing a comprehensive platform for the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional growth of its students.


The institution firmly believes that learning is a holistic process. In its pursuit of excellence in education, Sanjivani Academy has earned a reputation as one of the best schools not only in Kopargaon but also in the entire Ahmednagar District and the surrounding area.