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Sanjivani Institute of Management Studies

Since acquiring the title of ‘Institute’ in 1983, Sanjivani Group of Institutions has made remarkable progress and is now recognized as one of the top preferred institutes in the country. Our institution emphasizes the perfect balance between specialized degrees and transferable skills. During your educational voyage, you will acquire a substantial amount of expertise in your chosen field, focusing on specialized subjects while also delving into core subjects shared with students pursuing related programs. This approach enables student to grasp the interconnected nature of knowledge across diverse disciplines.


At Sanjivani, we recognize the significance of cultural enrichment. Our vibrant campus hosts a multitude of student-managed clubs dedicated to music, dance, photography, fashion, dramatics, movie-making, design, and speaking arts. These clubs, including Saaz, Stepper, Sanjivani-Cinemas, NSS, and department associations, provide platforms for students to showcase their talents and participate in national competitions, fostering creativity and cultural exchange.


We actively support and organize various cultural and technical events to provide students with opportunities to exhibit their hidden talents. These events, driven by student initiatives, not only foster teamwork but also impart valuable skills in event management and goal achievement.


Sanjivani Institute of Management Studies is committed to providing an exceptional living and learning experience. Our classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including interactive whiteboards and flip-screen computers, ensuring a stimulating and engaging learning environment.


The library at Sanjivani serves as a treasure trove of knowledge. With a wide collection of books, textbooks, periodicals, journals, and more, our well-stocked library serves as a hub for academic research and self-enrichment.


We believe in holistic development, and physical well-being is an integral part of it. In addition to our world-class academic facilities, we provide extensive sports amenities, including spacious playgrounds and dedicated spaces for various sports activities. Our Gymkhana features a range of indoor games, and a fully equipped multi-gym is available to students for their fitness needs.