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SAP Advance Module



This Program is Assosiated With Sanjivani College of Engineering


Unlock Your SAP Potential with Sanjivani SAP Training Programme

Embark on a journey of excellence with Sanjivani’s SAP S4 HANA Advanced Modules Training Programme, offering you the skills to thrive in the dynamic world of SAP. Elevate your career with our comprehensive modules, and now, with our exclusive offer, gain access to cutting-edge training at an unbeatable price! 

Key Features of Our SAP S4 HANA Advanced Modules Training Programme:

1. ABAP ON HANA: Master the art of Advanced Business Application Programming on the HANA platform, unlocking new dimensions in SAP development.

2. FIORI: Dive into the future of user experience with FIORI, transforming the way users interact with SAP applications.

3. QUALITY MANAGEMENT [QM]: Ensure product quality and compliance with our specialized Quality Management module, enhancing your SAP skillset.

4. PROJECT SYSTEMS [PS]: Gain control and visibility over your projects with our Project Systems module, a must-have for project managers.

5. PLANT MAINTENANCE [PM]: Equip yourself with the knowledge to optimize asset performance and enhance overall plant efficiency.

6. EXTENDED WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT [EWM]: Navigate the complexities of modern supply chains with our Extended Warehouse Management module.

7. CONTROLLING [CO]/MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING: Take charge of financial reporting and analysis with our Controlling/Management Accounting module.

Exclusive Combo Offer:

 Training e-Contents + Certification Exam + 2 Months Server Access

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Sanjivani SAP Training Programme Highlights:

SAP India Authorized Education Academy:

      ●  Proudly associated with SAP India as an Active Authorized SAPEducation Academy.

      ● Verify our authenticity and commitment to excellence at SAP India’s Official Page

Grooming Students for SAP Industry Readiness:

     ● Dedicated support to groom students, making them competent and industry-ready for the dynamic world of SAP.

Rigorous Practical Hands-On Training:

     ● Immerse yourself in hands-on practical sessions, ensuring a deep understanding of SAP concepts and applications.

Latest SAP Technology Awareness Sessions:

     ● Stay ahead of the curve with our sessions on the latest SAP technologies, keeping you informed and prepared for the evolving industry landscape.

SAP Log-On Server Access for Practice:

     ● Access SAP servers for hands-on practice, ensuring you have the practical experience required for real-world scenarios.

Placements Skill Development Sessions:

    ● Boost your employability with skill development sessions focused on practical approaches, aligning your skills with industry requirements.

SAP Alumni Connect:

    ● Connect with our esteemed SAP alumni, offering a valuable network and insights to guide new aspirants on their SAP journey.


Why Choose Our SAP Training Programme?

 ● Industry-recognized SAP India affiliation.

 ● Access to SAP’s latest educational resources.

 ● Hands-on practice in a simulated SAP environment.

 ● Placement-focused skill development.

 ● Networking opportunities with SAP alumni.


Don’t just learn SAP – thrive in it! Join our SAP Training Programme and become a part of the next generation of SAP professionals.


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 Mobile No: +91- 9130191301