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Sanjivani Group of Institutes is committed to providing the best living and learning experience to the students who invest and believe in us. Classrooms are fully equipped with the latest technology that includes interactive whiteboards and flip-screen computers that make learning stimulative and enjoyable.

All students of Sanjivani are enabled access to the colleges’ virtual bank, which lets them download course material, lecture notes and other useful content. Students can also take part in online discussions with the faculty as well as fellow students on this online platform. Wireless internet access throughout the day ensures that the students are able to benefit from the extensive range of e-journals available through the college’s online resources.



The institute is located at a distance of 100 kilometers from Ahmednagar and 100 kilometers from Nasik. It is also at a mere distance of 15 kilometers from the Holy Shrine of Shirdi that is famous for being the home of Sai Baba. The campus is very well-connected via roads and other commute facilities, being only 0.5 kilometers from Kopargaon station. It is spread over a staggering expanse of 27 acres which is so designed to provide an ideal educational environment for the students.


Computer Lab

The future lies with the technologically advanced- we, at Sanjivani Institute, recognize and live by this saying. Computer lab is fully equipped with state-of-the-art computing resources that cater to the academic needs of all our students along with administrative activities of the institute. All students and admins have access to 24-hour internet that operates at a fantastic speed of 100 Mbps with the help of WiFi.


Sanjivani is no way behind in cultural. Be it music, dance, photography, fashion, dramatics, movie-making, design, speaking arts etc., Sanjivani has got clubs for each of these which are managed by students. Students here take part in many national competitions. Clubs like Saaz, Stepper, Sanjivani-Cinemas, NSS, and students department association allows provides platform students to show hidden talents and provide exposure to their talents.


For ages, library has been an excellent resource for information. The main aim of well-sourced and stocked library is dissemination of knowledge and useful information and we do so in the form of several collections of books, textbooks, periodicals, journals and more.


Sport Facility

Sanjivani Institute not only provides top-notch academic facilities but also believes in the overall development of its students, which also includes a physical aspect. We are equipped with spacious playgrounds and other amenities for various kinds of sports. A Gymkhana which includes several indoor games and a multi-gym is also built in this arena.



We at Sanjivani believe that residing in the hostel premises provides a student with the opportunity to experience living in a community dedicated to the academic, cultural and personal development of every individual. For this purpose, hostel facilities are available for students who wish to opt for it.



All institutes under the banner of Sanjivani Group are well-equipped with exquisitely designed classrooms with well-furnished desks and comfortable chairs and desks. Technological facilities such as multimedia projector, computer systems and overhead projector are present in classrooms for a high-tech interaction between faculty and students.



The canteen that is located in the institute’s premises that caters to the culinary needs of the students is based on the ideology of providing hygienic and high-quality food at reasonable prices. The canteen is designed to meet aesthetic standards and provides delicious and well-rounded meals to both students and faculty.


Assembly Hall

Sanjivani institute is also equipped with an assembly hall with ample comfortable seating. The hall has excellent acoustic designs and is equipped with audio-visual arrangements.



A large playground is built for the students extra-curricular activities such as sports, athletics, PT trainings and more. An annual sports day function is also organised in this area.



We at Sanjivani believe in imparting strong practical exposure to all our students. Staying true to this belief, practical workshops and laboratory work is given due importance and is an integral part of the various departments of our college.